Wednesday, February 9, 2011

hard work

I admit it, I don't like to work hard.
Physical labor is just not my thing.
That's why my house is less than pristeen.
I have a wonderful husband who does most of the hard work at our house.
He's strong and physically fit.
I think of the hard work as just a natural workout for him.
Back our story up 15 years...
I was a single gal who just purchased my own home.
I had a beautiful (large!) yard that required mowing at least once a week.
My dad just knew that the grass needed to be mulched when I mowed.
So, he would deliver his mulching mower to me every 5 or 6 days.
He would sit on my porch or deck and watch me mow all evening long.
He was trying to encourage independence, I'm sure.
I was growing blisters on my soft, seldom used, hands.
I thought a damsel in distress might entice a certain young, strong, handsome guy to volunteer to mow my lawn.
Oh no, he didn't want to be an enabler so...he offered me a pair of work gloves instead of mowing my lawn.
I was almost offended but decided to marry him anyway.
It has been one of our favorite dating stories and comes up often.
It came up again today.
We received 17 inches of beautiful snow in 24 hours.
My sweet, strong, wonderful husband does snow removal for the Newton Rec Commission.
He moved snow all day yesterday.
He had to go in and start again at 4:00 this morning so he didn't have time to shovel our driveway or sidewalk.
I had a short-lived spurt of independence and decided to surprise him with a shoveled driveway when he got home.
Got a blister again! and I was wearing gloves!
I'm simply not made to work this hard.
I'm made to admire the strong, hard-working man God gave me :)
(Sorry the picture isn't very good.  Please notice how dry and cracked my hand is from all the shoveling and bathroom cleaning.)


Beki - TheRustedChain said...

What?! Your house is less than pristine? Mine too!!


rentz said...

I'm loving your blog! You're a great storyteller. I think shoveling the drive should count as Mitch's Valentines Day present!

Mitch said...

The sad thing wasI was gonna bring the tractor that afternoon to do it. Story of my life-too late! (At least I wasn't too late to marry my princess!)

Amy said...

Aww... way to score some points there, Mitch! You need to give Corey some tips. You call your wife a princess on her blog, while mine calls me a witch on FB.