Saturday, February 19, 2011

scary moment

We had parent/teacher conferences last week, but that's not a scary thing.
Matter of fact, I LOVED Abi's conference.
I have said several times this is my favorite school year.
Abi is in 2nd grade and has the most amazing, wonderful teacher.  In fact, I would say she is the most fabulous 2nd grade teacher I've ever known.
I simply don't want 2nd grade to end. 
Abi has informed me she will need to move on from 2nd grade so she can grow up and learn to be a pre-K teacher.  She's afraid she will eventually look like Elf if she stays in 2nd grade with Mrs. Childs, (Jody).
But, that's not what this is about.  That was just me being sappy and sentimental :)

Jody did this amazing, creative writing project with her kiddos.  She had them write about their most embarrassing moment, their scariest moment, the best day of their lives and a wish for the future (I hope I've got them right).  Kind of a "Days of Our Lives" thing. 
She talked to them about all the necessary elements for the writings (a good "hook" to get the audience's attention, etc).  She even allowed them to use all the naughty words needed to make the stories fascinating (fart, booger, etc.).  Maybe they were even encouraged to use these fun words, I don't know.
How fun does that sound?!
Anyway, Jody and I decided it would be lots of fun to blog the same things.  We think you should do it too!  If you don't blog, please journal it, write a note on facebook or find another way to share it.  It will be so much fun to read everyone's experiences!
I wanted to start with my most embarrassing moment but I need to scan my photo to go with it and I don't have a scanner at home.  I'll get it done next.

My scariest moment - there are so many!
Mitch and Eli will tell you they can scare me most any day.  I'm just jumpy.
I wake up many nights screaming because I think Mitch is killing me.  He hates it and I hate it.
I could write about nearly cutting my finger off last Christmas season, but that was probably scarier for my kids.
Or I could write about one of the times 911 had to be summoned for each of our kids (all under Mitch's supervision!)
But my scariest moment happened just a few months ago.

One Sunday morning, Hannah was just finishing her bath.  I was in the girls' bedroom just across the hall and could see into the bathroom.  I heard a loud commotion in the bathroom and looked up just in time to see her falling face first out of the bathtub.  Her body didn't fold or crumble.  She fell very stiff and hit her head on the toilet.  I ran to her and she was just limp, face first on the floor, with her head wedged up against the toilet.  I was certain she was gone.  I started screaming for Mitch.  Within a few seconds, she slowly opened her eyes and just looked at me blankly.  I slowly helped her get up.  She had a goose egg on her forehead and an instant bruise and lump on the bottom of her chin.  She was pretty disoriented for a few minutes.

As it turns out, she had taken a super hot bath and tried to stand up too fast.  She got light headed and just past out.  I was so scared and felt incredibly helpless.  I think I can handle almost anything happening to me but the thought of one of my kids getting seriously injured or sick is almost more than I can handle.  I don't think I'll ever forget the commotion, Hannah's limp body, the blank look in her eyes or the feeling of being so helpless.  It is absolutely synged in my memory forever.  I don't want to experience anything scarier than that Sunday morning!

I wasn't creative in that moment when Hannah fell so I don't have a pic of her sprawled out on the floor.  She would have placed herself up for adoption if I had taken the pic and posted it publicly!  So, I'll share a pretty pic of her instead.  This way, we can be friends for a little while longer :)

Now it's your turn!  What was your scariest moment?  most embarrassing moment?  happiest day of your life?  your wish for the future?  Please share them.  It's fun to share the Days of Our Lives :)


rentz said...

Wow! How did I not hear about this? I guess Eli and I need to have better talks in the morning! :)

Mitch said...

I need to clarify that none of our children were permanently harmed in the calling of 911 on my watch. (And Hannah potentially ingesting rat poison as a toddler was on both our watches-but that's a different story.)