Sunday, May 1, 2011

oh happy day!

I have been waiting months to golf Terradyne.
Finally, Saturday was the day.
Oh happy day!  I might have been caught doing the happy dance on a green or two.
We golfed double-date style with some of our funniest friends, Mark and Cherie.  Thank goodness, although they are great golfers, they are also patient, gracious and laid back.  We might have tested the limits of their patience, grace and senses of humor.

Ok, so we knew we were way out of our league as soon as we parked the car.  This very young, smart looking golfer kid met us in the parking lot with a golf cart.  These aren't just any golf carts.  These things handle way better than my van.  We didn't even have to walk to the club house.  He drove us from the parking lot to the club house.  I could totally get used to that kind of spoiling!

Our bags totally represent us, don't you think?  Can you tell which one is mine?

Look at this gorgeous clubhouse.  And the golfer is pretty cute too.  Lovin the matching Shocker golf shirt and those sexy legs!  (one of the things I love most about summer is seeing those legs everyday)

These two guys are some of the happiest golfers I know.
Cherie and I were totally impressed with the ladies room...
and the humble new abode we found for the Reimers on the 16th hole.

Over the last year I've learned a few things about golf. 
1.  It's a lot like a grow-up Easter egg hunt.  I can't tell you how much time we spent looking for little balls.  Some times we had to look high...
(yeah, we really found that ball in the tree) and some times we had to look deep in the grass.
Fortunately for me, these pink balls are a little easier to spot and there's no doubt who is using them :)

2.  I love the water and sand in Florida and California but I'm not so happy to see them on the golf course.  We lost quite a few balls in the water.  Mitch is talented enough he skipped a ball across this lake and it landed on the far bank.
3.  My attention span really isn't long enough for a 400 or 500 yard hole. 

I do love watching these guys putt!

4.  I love, love, love soaking up the sun and enjoying the fresh air and gorgeous greens with this handsome guy.
Thank you, Mitch Boese, for introducing me to this incredible game.  We will enjoy many years putting around together :)


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You have confused any talent I have with sheer dumb luck.