Saturday, July 9, 2011


I married a rocket scientist. 
No, really, he's a rocket scientist.
It's not a big turn on for me.  Matter of fact, I don't really care about rockets.
But I do love my rocket scientist.
I've spent the 4th of July watching rocket launches for the last 25 years.
Not a big deal for me but a REALLY, REALLY big deal for my rocket scientist.
This year, I got to invite some of my friends to the big show.  Well, really, my kids wanted to invite some of their friends and I just happen to love spending time with their families.  Annie says a rocket launch is 95% fellowship.  I think it's more than 95%.  It's truly a social event for me.
I messed up and didn't get pics of any of my friends but how cute is this little spectator?!  Her daddy looks a little hot, I mean sweaty :)

We had a much bigger recovery team this year.
The recovery team dwindled by the end of the morning and they were hot and tired when the show was over. 
Eli helped his buddy, Lawson, build his own rocket.  It was so much fun to experience a rocket launch through a first-timer's eyes.
These 2 cutie patooties didn't build any rockets but they did get to push the button for one of Daddy's rockets.
Sometimes things don't work out the way a rocket scientist hopes.  That gives him something to work on July 5th...and the rest of the summer.  Damage repair takes a lot of time and patience.  It sure did look pretty during the launch.
Well, I think the rocket launch is growing in popularity.  And I'm happy about that!  Mitch will have little rocket scientists building and launching rockets and I will have a bigger social event.  We'll both be happy :)


rentz said...

Thanks for inviting us. We had a blast. Haha! And your comment about Cory made me laugh. Too funny!

Amy said...

Great pictures! I, for one, do think that cute little spectator's daddy looks HOT! :) (and sweaty...)