Wednesday, December 7, 2011

THE party

We don't usually have big parties for our birthdays.
But this year is different.
It's not every year that your good lookin' husband turns 50!
I have to admit, we know how to throw a party.
First, a fun invite...
The perfect venue - Norm's Coffee Bar...
A totally fun and fabulous barista...
A photo booth run by great friends, Joel and Kendall Smith. 
A huge hit with everyone, especially with the kids.
A cutie patutie to help run the photo booth.  Can you find her super hero brother?
Many of our best friends and favorite family members...

115 of our closest friends and family showed up to help my birthday boy feel special.
Fun was had by all!
All this makes for a very happy birthday boy :)
Our favorite group of young adults may have gotten a hold of my camera and had some fun.
Thank you, Amy, for grabbing my camera and taking great photos of the evening.  I would have been so disappointed when the night ended and I realized I didn't have any documentation of the evening.  You're the best!


rentz said...

Still sooo disappointed in myself. :( Can you have another party? I want to come!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

How fun!!! Happy birthday to your sweet hubby!

Amy said...

:) to you.
:( to Gina. You were missed.