Tuesday, December 13, 2011

santa calls

One of the highlights of our Christmas season is the annual phone call to our kids from Santa Claus.
He called tonight.
And I loved it!
The kids loved it.
Mitch and I giggled through the entire phone call.

Mitch has arranged the calls to our kids each year.
Our local rec center offers the calls to the community.
Santa has all sorts of info on each kiddo before he calls.
Caller ID shows The North Pole.
The very best Santa and Elf I know is on the other end of the call.
So real and believable!
These calls are what kept my older kids believing as long as they did.

True story - Mitch added my name to Santa's call list for a couple of years.
Mitch made sure Santa knew I was on the naughty list.
Santa had a blast making the call to a naughty girl.
Too much fun for Santa.  A little on the embarrassing side for this good girl.
And then Santa started coming to our church...

I won't blow his cover because he does such an incredible job at this gig.
It's the highlight of his year.
He's one of the most generous and "bigger than life" guys we know.
He's this big guy who has done a lot of weight lifting and security work.
He is Mr. Clean's body double.
It's just super duper weird to get a call from a congregation member in an elf voice asking for a naughty girl.
I made Mitch promise to never, ever, ever put me on the list once I met Mr. Clean/Santa Claus.
I'd rather he not know how naughty I really am.

I'll keep your secret, Mr. Clean, if you'll keep mine :)

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Mitch said...

The secret's out-you've been a naughty, naughty girl-and you should be "punished". (Don't worry, I told Santa I'd take care of it!) ; )