Monday, July 12, 2010


Mitch has been a rocketeer for many years, much longer than I've known him. I knew when I married him that our July 4th holidays would always center around his rockets. What I didn't realize was that most of our lives would revolve around rockets! We have rockets in our TV room, in our basement, in our garage, in our elevator shaft and in our garage. Since his rockets have outgrown our home, he had to "loan" a rocket to the Kansas Cosmosphere for display because we don't have room for it anymore.

Not only do we have full rockets all over the house, we have rocket parts strung all over the place. Mitch views the entire world in terms of rocket parts. On our walk this evening, he picked up two pieces of old fireworks to use as nose cones. He's been known to go dumpster diving for parts!

This 4th of July was pretty wet in this part of the country. We were fortunate to get a window of sunshine and dry weather on Monday afternoon (July 5th). The usual gang gathered at Centennial Park for the launch. Our other son, Don Reynolds, launched his project he wants to use for his level 1 certification. His launch was beautiful but his parachutes didn't open for the landing. His rocket made a nose dive 2 feet into the soft mud - not a pretty landing!

Mitch launched several rockets this year. His big launch for this year was his Redstone. He ran out of igniters so he decided to launch with thermolight (it kinda sounds like I know what I'm talking about but I'm totally faking it!). Using thermolight means he lit a fuse and the flame travelled into the rocket to light the motors. It was like nothing I've seen before! There was lots of smoke and a roaring fire before the rocket finally launched. I'm not exactly sure what happened but the rocket crashed into the street behind us. It was a tragic ending with lots of broken rocket parts.

July 6th began the rocket repair. Who knows what next July will bring!