Wednesday, March 7, 2012

another year better

The oreo cookie is celebrating it's 100th birthday today. I'm celebrating 43 years.
Thank goodness, the oreo cookie is older than me!
You know, Amtrak is NOT older than me.
It's kinda cool to share a birthday with the cookie that has a rich and creamy center. 
I'm pretty sure the double stuf is responsible for some of my "softness" :)

Here's my annual birthday pic.  Nothing special or exciting.
I'm beginning to notice a few more lines on my face.
A few more stretch marks.
LOTS of deep lines on my hands.
But the story I read between all of those lines is one of lots of laughter, some heartache and way more hours in the sun than any girl should enjoy.
Some fantastic choices.
Some not-so-fantastic choices.
Hundreds of pounds gained and lost.
But I wouldn't change any of it if I had it to do over again.

I'm content and satisfied with where I am at middle age.
Some of those not-so-fantastic choices and heartache have increased my compassion.
All of my life experiences have made me thankful for the mercy, love and forgiveness of my Savior.
I hope my life experiences have made me more willing to extend the mercy, love and forgiveness that was extended to me.
I hope I'm a better mommy and friend than I was ten years ago.
I hope I'm even better in another year.

Here's my new life motto.
Thank you, sweet Gina, for reminding me to laugh everyday.

Monday, March 5, 2012

new to me

Here's what's "new to me".
It may be as old as I am.
And I love it!
It belongs to my grandmother, Ruth, but she can't use it any more.
It's not fancy.
It's not digital.
It's not smarter than me.
But I love, love, love the way it sews a straight line.

Here's what I did in just 10 days with my "new to me" machine.
I pieced my first quilt!
It's so bright and happy.
That makes me super happy and content.

I still need to put the border on it and have it quilted.
But I just couldn't wait to share it.

Bogey is even happier than I am to have it done.