Monday, March 5, 2012

new to me

Here's what's "new to me".
It may be as old as I am.
And I love it!
It belongs to my grandmother, Ruth, but she can't use it any more.
It's not fancy.
It's not digital.
It's not smarter than me.
But I love, love, love the way it sews a straight line.

Here's what I did in just 10 days with my "new to me" machine.
I pieced my first quilt!
It's so bright and happy.
That makes me super happy and content.

I still need to put the border on it and have it quilted.
But I just couldn't wait to share it.

Bogey is even happier than I am to have it done.


sarajane said...

looks great! Do you take orders? :)

Amy said...

I absolutely adore this, Danielle. Seriously. The colors are perfect! I might need you to make me one. :) Exactly like this. :)

Amy said...

You picked the green polka dot and the green/turquoise daisy materials to remind you of me, right? :)

rentz said...

Way to go! Love the colors!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

That quilt is FAB!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! My sewing machine is likely older than me, too. Still going strong. :)

Jennifer said...

I like it - isn't it fun to accomplish something like that! your colors are full of sunshine :)