Tuesday, July 26, 2011

my warrior

I never thought these words would pass from my lips - I'm so ready and excited for football season!
I'm a girly girl who went to high school football games to socialize.
Now I'm the mommy of a Warrior.  And I'm one of those mommies who wears the big button with his photo on it.  (Some might say I'm a little over-the top)
I still go to the games to socialize.  But I also go to watch my precious little boy catch, run and hit.
I'm not wild about autumn but I am wild about watching my little man play football.

Warrior football camp started this week. 
In the 100* heat. 
But Eli doesn't care about the heat.
He was dressed and ready to go before 8:00 this morning (even though camp doesn't start until evening).
I think he's excited too :)


Amy said...

You don't like autumn?! Crazy girl. Fall is the best. (minus the whole "having to go back to work thing.") You'll have to let us know when games are so we can come watch!

Dad said...

Go Eli!!! Let us know when he plays so we can come watch.