Wednesday, January 25, 2012

crafting super star

I am not a crafting super star.
I love being creative and crafty but it really doesn't come very naturally.
I decided to try my hand at a little project - decoupage.
I know, that's so yesterday for most of you.
But a girl has to start somewhere.

My, oh my!  Mod Podge, where have you been all my life?!
I mod podged (such a fun term!) some old scrapbooking paper onto the front and back of a couple of clipboards.  Wha la!  Boring old brown clipboards are now bright, happy and cheery!
(front and back views)

A little ribbon tied on the clip and - ta da! - so very, very happy!!

Ok, here's where my real talent comes screaming through.
Check out this close up...
Notice anything funny?
Yep, all those cherries are hanging upside down.
I REALLY am that smart and creative.
I mod podged late last night and didn't notice that the paper was upside down.
I tied the ribbons on this afternoon and those happy cherries looked a little funny in the daylight.
Oh well!
I still love my happy clipboards.  They remind me of how creative I am :)


Amy said...

Oh my goodness! I LOVE these!!! So cute!
And I love that your cherries are upside down. :)
Yay for happy fun organization! :)

Amy said...

Corey thought they were lollipops sticking out of the grass. :)

sarajane said...

this is why we are BFF's. I would totally have put it upside down as well. They still are very cute. Way to go ms crafty :)

Mitch said...

I like what Abi's little neighbor friend Maddie said-"I thought they were lollipops."

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Hahaha!! You are adorable.
And mod podge is amazing.

Dad said...

You are the creative queen.
I'm so proud of the creative queen I fathered.