Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a little this, a little that

I'm finally getting around to blogging about my weekend (I'm just 2 days behind; not too bad).
We didn't have any big plans.  We could just make up our plans as the weekend unfolded.
I love weekends like this!
Our big Friday night plans centered around the NHS basketball game.  Well, not really the game.  More like the half-time entertainment.  Abi danced with the Railiners.
She totally had her groove on!  (She's 3rd from the left - having loads of fun)

My girls and I enjoyed breakfast at Curtis C's on Saturday morning.  Eggs over medium, hash browns, toast and coffee - yummy!
I've had my eye on the "fight like a girl" t-shirts.  We decided to splurge.

They didn't have my size in the pink so I ordered it.  It already arrived today!  I'm so excited.  I'm taking advantage of the fact that my girls will still allow us to wear matching t-shirts.  So fun!
It was kinda warm on Saturday afternoon so we took advantage. We hit the golf course. I so love to golf!

Abi learned to drive the golf cart. I shot a 3 on hole 7 at Fox Ridge. Yeah, I'm pretty happy about that :)

Sunday was so beautifully warm!  78*, slight breeze and partial sun.
I found a new breakfast favorite - homemade strawberry, bluberry, rhubarb jam (strawberry blubarb!).

Made a surprise road trip with Annie and Hannah to visit a sweetheart from church who is hospitalized after a serious car accident.  I didn't actually visit but Hannah and Annie did.  I read in the warm sunshine.  I'm kinda a wimp :(

What a fun surprise Sunday evening - made another road trip to Wichita, this time to Target. Two hours was not near enough time to get all the shopping (and talking!) done. Amy taught me how to shop the $1 bargain bins. She's so creative and I'm trying not to covet. Check out these fun flower stickers for my new duck tape notebook. Yeah, I'm pretty happy with this too.

Well, I just realized I downed no less than 4 large diet cokes from Sonic over the weekend.  I really love happy hour.  I really, really love a Sonic drink on the golf course or with a friend.  Yeah, that makes me happy too :)


Mitch said...

Gee, you've made your husband out to be a lego-play'n, checkered-pants wear'n dork! (Ok, so what if I am?!)

rentz said...

Really, Mitch! :) Seriously, we love to watch racing too. We should all do it together sometime!