Saturday, February 26, 2011

crafting area. the beginning.

We started converting a corner of our dining room into a crafting area. Corey Jones highly recommended this idea. He's cool like that!

Yes, I realize the window coverings have GOT to go.  That's on my to-do list.

These are my 1980s glam sharpies mixed in with all my creative memories pens.  The buckets are from the $1 bin at Target.  I'll probably spray paint the silver one.  The other markers are Crayola markers.  These will be fun to use in the coloring books.

Lots of paper!  I still have 3 more creative memory tote bags to clean out.  Who knows how much paper and stickers I'll un-earth.

We're still using this area for some of our books.  Poor Mitch doesn't have any other place to store his study materials.  We'll try not to color in or duck tape any of them :)


Amy said...

1. Love the marker buckets.
2. Love the fabric baskets. We have a few, but I still came really close to buying some of the blue/green/polka dots ones last week at Wal-Mart.
3. My hubby is cool like that. He's a big fan of crafting areas in the dining room. :) I'm sure he'll share his opinion of it with Mitch someday. (Actually yours is much better since it's not actually on the table. I think that's what bugs him the most)
4. Why on earth do you have a Marley sized dog kennel for your teeny tiny little dogs? :)
5. We could go curtain shopping together sometime! :)

Corey said...

It's so cool that I'm gonna let my wife move all her crafting stuff to your dining room and I will eat off the table at ours.

Corey said...

Tell Mitch he can come eat with me.