Saturday, October 29, 2011

pink boa

These are a couple of photos I recently found.  Two of my favorite pics ever!
Abi was about 5 and my niece, Ellie, was 2 or 3.

A pink boa makes any girl feel happy, special and pretty.

I have this pic of Ellie on my desk at work.  A client asked me recently if she is my granddaughter.
I realize I'm older than Amtrak but do I look like a grandma?
(Don't answer please.  It's a rhetorical question.)


flower power momma said...

"older than amtrak"..cute.

actually and honestly, I was surprised to see how old your kids look THAT young.

Jennifer said...

adorable pictures - don't feel bad - a guy ask Russ last year if London was his grandaughter. By the way - we saw Mitch on TV tonight. Loved watching those rockets - let us know when you launch one off next time. Nice story - you should be proud