Monday, May 28, 2012

spring projects

Just wanted to share a couple of projects I have finished recently.
New curtains for my dining room...
These were long overdue.
We still had the same nasty window coverings that were in the house when we bought it some 13 years ago.
They were old and ugly.
These are bright, fresh and springy.  I love them!

Once the window coverings were done, I had to make a table runner to match.
This is my first quilting project to make from start to finish.
I love it!
It's my favorite colors.
It's not perfect but it's perfect for my bright and springy dining room.

Now it's time to clean up the house since I've totally neglected it while I was sewing.
Sewing makes me super happy.
Finished projects make me super happy.
Marking things off my to-do list makes me super happy.
Guess that makes me a super happy girl!


sarajane said...

They are so cute! I would like to order some for my kitchen please :)

Amy said...

I LOVE these!! But pink and green... you knew I would. :)

Chad and Jody said...

You seriously need to teach me how to sew this summer. I want to make fun things like this

Jennifer said...

You are on fire getting all these sewing projects done!! Doesn't it feel great - such an easy way to brighten up a room.