Thursday, August 16, 2012

1st day of school

Well, I fought it as long as I could.
School started this week despite my kicking and screaming.

Hannah is a freshman...

Eli is a 7th grader...
(he was not so thrilled for the annual photo op!)

Abi is a 4th grader...

This means Hannah and Eli are both starting new schools and this is Abi's last year in elementary school.
It also means I was up a lot of the night before with anxiety.
I had this crazy dream that my mom snuck into our house to take our Christmas tree down because she was so appalled that it was still up on the first day of school.  Where in the world does a dream like that come from?!

I sure do love this happy crew!

Although this looks a little bit like a line-up, it's actually 4 fabulously fun and adorable friends ready for 4th grade...

Abi may have just been humoring me, but she let me do the kissing hand with her before school.
I know it's time for her to become a little more independent but I'm going to miss my baby.
I need her to need me just a little while longer.

One of our greatest blessings of this school year is Abi's teacher.
I already know she is a life changer for both Abi and me.
Abi loves her and she has made the "favorite teacher" list in just 2 days.
I may be as sad to see 4th grade end as I was to see 2nd grade end.
A good teacher makes all the difference in the world for a kiddo and I'm so thankful for all my teacher friends.
But this year, I'm especially thankful for this special teacher.

Abi is "elated" and wants to spend s'more time with her :)
(our back to school basket for Mrs. Hammond - all the goodies for s'mores!)

I'm pretty sure school is going to be a good idea for us again this year.
At least, we're going to give it our best shot and see how it all turns out.