Sunday, September 30, 2012

race for the cure

Today was the day (I started writing this post on Saturday).
The day I've been looking forward to for 6 weeks.
The Race for the Cure. 

My sweet boy ran with me.  Well, actually, he went to the race with me but finished before me.
We didn't really run together.  Eli finished in 26 minutes.  That's totally crazy fast!

I ran it in 35:44 which met my goal.  I wanted to make it under 36 minutes.  It's not rock star time but it's not bad for a middle-aged woman who just started running in August.

This is absolutely, positively one of my favorite days of the year.
9,500 dedicated walkers and runners.
I LOVE this event and all it represents.
I LOVE the honor, respect and love that is shown to breast cancer fighters, survivors and those who lost the battle.
I LOVE all the cheerleaders along the way.  I really did feel like a running rock star!

I LOVE all the pink.
Pink outhouses...
(I had to use one of those.  My nervous bladder got the best of me before the race.  Dang it.  Unfortunately, the bottle of water I drank on the way to the race made it's way through my system.  I wondered while I was running if all the women passing me were also peeing their pants with every step.  I just can't get used to that part of being a middle-aged runner.)

Pink cement truck...

Lots more pink but my phone battery was shot.
Pink tutus, boas, t-shirts, just about everything.
It's just so much happy pinkness!
Eli said "I love how you can talk to anyone here.  Everyone is friendly and happy."

This t-shirt totally sums up the last 6 weeks of my life...

This year was a special race for us.  The struggles I encountered during training are absolutely nothing in comparison to struggles with surgery and treatment.  We will ALWAYS support the Race for the Cure in whatever way we can because of what the race does for women.  We will beat this disease someday!


Chad and Jody said...

This is so touching.
It inspires me to start doing more so I can do this race next year- most likely walking, but doing something for sure!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

You are a complete running rockstar!!

Dad said...

You did GREAT. I am proud of you.