Monday, November 26, 2012


Thanksgiving - one of the very best days of the year.  It should be a way of life and celebrated everyday of the year.  Thanksliving.

This year we were purposeful about trying some new things.  We allowed ourselves to let go of some old traditions.  We had roast beef with potatoes and carrots instead of turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing.  I LOVE the leftovers and we didn't have to find a way to carve the turkey (that was always my step daddy's job and we just can't replace him). 

We started the day with another new tradition - a 5k race in Wichita.  Almost our entire family participated.  We had 3 generations ranging in age from 6 to 63.  We had perfect weather and so much fun!  The name of our team was the Crawlin' Rawlins (my mom's maiden name is Rawlins).  We may have sand bagged a little and added a few very speedy Valdez runners to our team, hoping to "pad" our time a little.  Maybe.
(Eli was already at the front of the race with a friend and my sister was hooking up with a another friend to run - we just weren't fast enough for them!)

True story - Eli was not planning to run because he wanted to sleep in.  My 8 year old niece was planning to run but she got sick.  At the last minute, Eli decided to run in Cassidy's place using her race bib.  Long story short, turns out he's faster than all the 8 year old girls and won their age/gender bracket.  We were honest and didn't take the prize but my niece was pretty impressed with what her cousin would do in her honor ;)

Not my most flattering photo, but proof I do run...
(Wish I knew where this camera was posted.  I would have tried to smile and look happy!)

We must have been really happy with the meal because I have absolutely no photos.  We were just too busy eating :)

We did snap a couple of our traditional family photos after lunch.
(my favorite mommy and her favorite grandkids)

As the sun began to set on Thanksgiving, the black friday ads quickly made their way to the dining room table and lists were made. 

We stood (or sat!) in line at Walmart for 1 1/2 hours before the 8:00 event.  We got the toys we wanted and were out of there in a record 12 minutes.  I'm not even kidding.  We then stood in line in the cold wind at Target for 35 minutes for their 9:00 opening.  We found our way to the incredibly long electronics line and waited and waited and waited.  At 9:45, Abi and I took off for Walmart again to hit their 10:00 event while the rest of the crew waited and waited and waited some more at Target.

After getting all the toys and electronics we were hoping for, we hit the McDonald's very late night drive-thru and devoured all the naughty things we haven't eaten for months and months.  We may have done some serious laughing when we found ourselves sucking the grease and salt off our fingers - it was just so finger lickin' good after a fun and exhausting day.

(not a very good photo but you can see we were having fun)

Here's what you don't hear on the news about black friday shopping - there are really nice, wonderful and generous people out there shopping.  We met some new friends in line for toys who were shopping for needy families from the KFDI list.  Abi and I were at the end of the Nook line at Walmart when a super sweet family approached us with an extra Nook.  We probably wouldn't have gotten our Nook if it weren't for their generosity.  There was no shoving, yelling, screaming, kicking or name calling.  Just kind people paying it forward.  We got everything on our lists and went back on Friday for some more :)

Eli was a little disappointed he got an "easy black friday" for his inaugural event.  I think he was hoping for a little more "thrill in the chase".  My kids know most of what they will get to open on Christmas morning.  I'm really good with it.  They enjoyed planning, plotting and strategizing their shopping trips.  They learned the value of shopping ads and looking for the best deal.  They really did love the thrill of the chase and had lots of fun spending time with their mommy, Grandma Susan, Auntie Michelle and cousins (don't count how many seat belts should have been used in my van!).

One last thankful note.  I won this adorable little running skirt in an online contest on Thanksgiving morning...
I can't wait to get this "happy mail".  My very classy running friend, Lisa, is getting a skirt of her own.  We're going to be so stinkin' adorable in our next race!!


sarajane said...

So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I think I smiled while reading the entire post :)

Jennifer said...

Sounds fun. I want to with you next year. No one in my family will shop on black Friday.
I did see a flash by me the other day. I don't think you saw me you were so fast.

Amy said...

I love that running picture of you! Still so impressed that you are a runner now. That skirt is going to look adorable on you!