Sunday, March 27, 2011

graham cracker cookies

It's no secret, I'm not the best cook. 
However, my kids think I've got a few secret recipes that are world famous.
I'm going to be sad when they realize the recipes aren't secret and they're certainly not famous.  It's really only Eli who has these beliefs.  He probably doesn't believe them but he flatters me anyway :)

Abi and I had a tea party today and we decided we needed some graham cracker cookies to go with our tea.  (The tea party will show up here another time.)

The graham cracker cookies have been passed down through at least 3 generations of my mom's side of the family.  I remember my grandma Ginny making them for us when we were little. 
And we made them with my mama.  Michelle and I have compared stories about the cookies.  We both love them more than grown women should love simple cookies.
Maybe you make them too but we like to think of them as OUR family's recipe.  It's really just chocolate frosting on graham crackers.  But Eli thinks it's our world famous secret recipe.  So it is.

All three generations of our family have used the red and white Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.  You have one, don't you?  All three generations of our family have used the mocha butter frosting recipe sandwiched between graham crackers.  Yummy!!

Someday my kids are going to make these super easy and yummy cookies for their kiddos.  My kids will have these wonderful fond memories of making the cookies with me.  They will all call each other and compare stories.  They will each think they were the only ones who got to lick the beaters...and I'm not going to tell them any different.
Someday my kids will realize there's nothing special about chocolate frosting sandwiched between store brand graham crackers. 
except that mommy made them with lots and lots and lots of love.
that's my secret ingredient :)


Amy said...

Hmm... I have that cookbook, but I've never made this frosting. Maybe someone will just let me try one of their famous cookies someday?? :)

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Oh yum! We make these but just use store bought frosting in between the crackers. We call them ghetto cookies. So classy, right?

Anonymous said...

I remember these great cookies - I just might have to make some.