Thursday, April 28, 2011

art is messy

I love small town America.
Tonight was art and music in the heart of Newton.
It was a perfect sunny and slightly breezy 72*.  The perfect evening to mingle with all the neighbors on Main Street.  The perfect evening to enjoy art and music with friends and family.

What kind of mom takes her girls downtown for art and doesn't take her NEW camera?!  me.
(Forgive the quality of the pics.  They were taken on my phone.)

I took my girls in to the Et Cetera Shop because all proceeds tonight went to support the art programs in our local schools.  My girls had never been to a second hand store.  They were not impressed.  I'm going to have to work long and hard to convince them there are treasures to be found in thrift stores. 
They are not believers.

However, outside the Et Cetera shop a mural was in the making.  Anyone could add to the mural.  That was something my girls could totally get into.

Abi is totally my girl.  Look at her palette.  No mixing.  No colors touching.  We try really hard to be artsy fartsy, but... 
"Art is messy, mom".

I was a good mom tonight.  I let the girls paint, create collages, cut, color, the whole nine yards. 
I got to see all sorts of my friends and visit with some bloggy friends. 
I love the heart of Newton, Kansas, America.


amy d said...

it was great seeing you! you got that post up super quick, your gonna make me look bad if i don't get mine up soon! :) see ya at the barn sale...hoping for the same weather as tonight!
...and i am so with abi on having my paint colors not bleeding into each other!

Margo said...

It was so great to officially meet you tonight! It was such a great evening!

Amy said...

My husband told my children that the stuff downtown was all hippie stuff. Just so you know. :)

leia said...

very sweet post. bring your girls back for our costume shop in october. that one's hard to resist. : )

et cetera manager