Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter, really?

I'm not quite sure what's going on in my head.
The kids had new Easter duds...but I don't have any pics.
I got some great pics of our Easter service at church...but none of my kids.
I think I was so determined to make this year about Jesus.  I wanted to make sure the new clothes and Easter treats weren't the focus. 
I wanted to make sure my heart was right. 
I wanted to really ponder the price that was paid for my soul...and to be so thankful for the sacrifice that was made.
I think I was so somber most of the weekend that I forgot to enjoy the precious blessings God gave me.

Thank goodness, Hannah's other mom got a great pic of her.  This is probably my favorite 2011 Easter pic.

She has a black hoodie on over her pretty pink Easter dress.  We're classy people.

She says she hates to be hugged so her "big brothers" from church make sure she gets lots and lots of hugs at church each Sunday.  She gets enough hugs to last her all week.  (She pretends to hate the hugs but we know she loves it.)

Don and Hannah share the same birthday but are 6 years apart in age.  How cool is it that my bff's son and my daughter share a birthday?!  I can't begin to tell you how many years Don has celebrated his birthday with me while Hannah has celebrated her birthday with the Reynolds.  Their birthday always seems to fall on Martin Luther King weekend.  We usually take the youth group to a winter retreat that weekend.  Don has been with us while Hannah stays in Newton.  Funny tradition, huh?

Anyway, this pic is the perfect representation of Don and Hannah's brother/sister relationship...and it's my favorite 2011 Easter photo. 
Not very Eastery, but very much like our life.

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