Friday, April 15, 2011

how to win friends and influence people

This is a little tutorial on the best way to win friends and influence people.  You may or may not want to try this at home.
We learned this trick quite a few years ago when my kids were little.  It provided so many hours of laughs and entertainment.
I guess we thought we out-grew the trick and totally forgot about it until this afternoon.

We had some friends over to play this afternoon.  Eli was trying to impress his new 6-year old (slightly shy) friend.
And then we remembered the straw-in-the-armpit trick!  How could we forget this totally cool trick?!  This would surely impress our new friend. 

1.  Each friend needs at least 1 clean bendy straws.  This trick doesn't work well with straight straws.

2.  It seems to work best with uncovered skin.  Eli prefers to take his shirt off so he can use his armpit.  My girls just use their knees instead of their armpits.  The effect is the same.  Well, the sound effect anyway :)

3.  Stick the long end of the straw in your armpit or behind your knee.  Blow mighty hard on the short end of the straw.

The sound is absolutely tremendous.  It is totally a party in a straw!  You won't believe it until your kids try it.  Go ahead, throw caution to the wind!  Let your kids try it.  They'll think you're the most cool mom ever, I promise.

4.  Once you get the hang of it, you can strike a cool pose.  Or you can strike a very convincing pose.

You can have a contest to see how long you can blow or you can play a tune.  The options and fun are endless.

Ok, I can't promise you will impress any influential people but I can promise your kids will totally love this fun and cheap toy.  I can also promise the giggles are contagious.  You don't know the fun you're missing until you experience the great {farting} sounds that can be produced from a straw in the armpit.

This is truly the giggliest way to win friends and influence people, I promise.
(If you don't want your children to try this at home, please don't let them spend any time at my house.  You'll regret it.)


Sarah said...

This sounds like a game our youth group kids would love! :)

Beki - TheRustedChain said...


I can never ever ever let my boy see this!!

Jessi said...

This is hilarious! Before tucking my girls in tonight, I had to show them this trick. You're right! The giggles are contagious! Thanks for the funny post. It totally made my day! :)

Amy said...

I don't think I've laughed quite that hard in awhile. Lawson's face was absolutely priceless. And the giggles. Oh. my. We will always remember you for teaching us this fun little party trick. :)

rentz said...

Jake has never mentioned this fantastic trick. Is it possible that you have never shared it with him?