Wednesday, August 24, 2011

first day

The first days of school were a little different for us this year.  Abi started on Wednesday and Hannah and Eli started on Thursday.  Apparently, the school board didn't consider first day of school photos when they chose to start different grades on different days.  Oh well, I suppose they think they know what's best.

My Nervous Nellie started 3rd grade.  Can you see her anxious smile?
It's so hard to let my baby grow up.  We finally got rid of the bricks we kept putting on her head to keep her from growing.  They just weren't working!
Abi's teacher is Ms. Brown.  She was also Abi's 1st grade teacher.  Abi and Ms. Brown already know and love each other.  Sometimes that's good and sometimes it's bad.
We're so thankful for best friends!  Abi and Sophie are in the same class again this year.  They are both a little on the anxious side.  I'm so thankful they have each other.  It's a little easier to be brave when you know your BFF is close.  I'm not sure how their husbands are going to feel someday when they're still inseperable.  I guess that's someone else's problem :)
Eli is a 6th grader this year at the Santa Fe 5/6 Center.  He is certain he is too big and cool for first day of school pics.  I was able to get a couple before he told me, in no uncertain terms, that he was done.
True story - I had to walk away after this pic because I was afraid we were going to have a spat on his first day of school.  The neighbors didn't need to be exposed to it.  Why can't these kids just cooperate with a fanatical mom for a few minutes?!

Eli and his best buddy Jake started a tradition last year of riding in the hot rod on the first day.  I suppose it is a little more cool than the big yellow limo they usually ride.  I'm not sure how long this tradition will continue but I hope it's another 6 years :)  Jake's mom got a couple of smiles on her camera.
They think they're pretty cool in this sweet ride.  I just think they're adorable.

This is Hannah's last year in junior high.  She's all teenager.  A little too pretty sometimes.
Abi asked Hannah if she wanted me to walk her in on her first day of school.  Hannah assured Abi she didn't need me.  "That just wouldn't be cool, Abi."  Abi was very concerned about Hannah's pics with her teachers.  "How will we get pics if mom doesn't go in with you?"  I love the way a third grader thinks.

Two cool kids.  Too cool for their mom.


Jessi said...

You have some very beautiful "babies"! :)

Stalker MB said...

I'd ask Mitch and Jason how their husbands are going to feel - just thinking they might have some idea -
Beautiful children - Beautiful family
Thanks for sharing

rentz said...

Hannah is beautiful. Abi is adorable. And Eli and Jake are cool (or so they think ;))!

Beki said...

They're beautiful! Even the ones that are too cool for the camera. :)

Dad said...

That is a neat story. How quickly they grow up on us. Hannah is so cute, better get out the shotgun to keep the boys away. Eli is and always has been cool. I love you guys.

Amy said...

Someone small and blonde is sitting next to me pointing and saying, "Ah-bee! Ah-bee!" :) Hannah looks gorgeous!!