Wednesday, November 2, 2011

pink warrior

My favorite part of autumn is watching Eli play football.  I could seriously watch him play everyday and not tire of it.
As if I wasn't already super proud watching him each weekend, he asked for some pink gloves to wear while he plays.  Well, that made me cry.
I love it that he is passionate about breast cancer awareness.  I love it that he has taken my cause and made it his own.  I love it that he's proud to wear his pink gloves to honor his mommy.
I love it that he is cool enough to wear his pink gloves and do fun hand jives on the side lines.  He makes pink very cool.
I'm not very happy to see him checking out the cheerleaders during the game.  But he does look tough :)
My favorite play of every game is the kick off.  Eli sets the ball and makes sure every member of our team is set and then he gets them stoked for a big kick off.  It's really a cheerleader/football player play and I love it!
I don't think pink makes him look any less tough.  He's still a mean, lean, tough little player.
Wow, I love that kid.  I love being his mom.  Not a day goes by that I'm not thankful for all the fun and spunk he provides for our family.  I'm proud to be #42's mom.


Melissa B. said...

love your support of your children and it's great that Eli is his own man - but I will say I believe I would be more concerned if he wasn't checking out the cheerleaders - an old ladies observation -
miss you - love you -

Mitch said...
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rentz said...

Somehow, I'm not surprised that he's checking out the cheerleaders. :) I love that guy too!