Wednesday, December 14, 2011

o christmas tree

I love the look and smell of a real tree but the ease of an artificial tree can't be beat.
And I love it that no one is grouchy when putting up an artificial tree :)

The kids and I love decorating the tree.
Every ornament is special and reminds us of someone or a special event.
I especially love the ornaments my kids have made.
I always think about the special teachers we've had over the years.
Mrs. Roux...
Some of the ornaments we've given each of our congregation members over the years...
Homemade ornaments from friends...
And some fun gifts we've received over the years...

Our tree isn't a Hallmark tree.
It's not color coordinated.
There's not a theme to it.
It's just a colorful, eclectic blend of our family history.
It's perfectly us.


Amy said...

Hmm... sounds like our tree. Must be why we're friends. :)

Mitch said...

I'm not grouchy cause I don't go outside to string up lights anymore. ; )

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Love it! That's our kind of tree too - one full of memories.