Sunday, December 4, 2011

lovely photography

Laura Rhoades is one of my sweetest, dearest friends.
I feel kind of funny calling her a friend since I'm almost old enough to be her mom.  More like a much older sister.
Anywho, Laura is a photographer from Wichita who specializes in female portraiture.
lovely portraiture for women is the name of her business and website.
We've talked for several years about Laura doing a photo shoot for me and my girlfriends/daughters/sister/mom...or anyone else willing to show up with me.
We finally made it happen this fall. 
I should have done it much sooner.
She has an incredible way of making her clients feel at ease and beautiful. 
That's probably because that's what she is - at ease and beautiful.
Here are my favorite shots from our shoot with her.


Amy said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous girls!! Love you all! :)

Mitch said...
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