Friday, June 1, 2012

hannah's minky

Hannah spotted this wonderfully soft and cuddly minky fabric several months ago.
She begged me to make a quilt for her with the fabric.
Feeling like I could conquer anything on the sewing machine, I naively agreed to tackle it.
I had no idea what I had agreed to.
Although this fabric is wonderful to cuddle with, it's a little tricky to sew.
Thank goodness, I know some incredible sewists!
After lots of guidance and advice (and a month or two), I finally tackled the project.

Hannah's desire has been to take the blanket with her when she goes to Washington, DC this weekend.
It's probably wise she had a goal.  Otherwise, I would have never finished it.
I'm really good at starting projects and then getting overwhelmed or distracted and then not finishing.
Not so easy to let this project slide when she is gently asking when the blanket will be finished and reminding me how many days until she leaves.

I sewed most of the blanket together in April at a little get-together with some of my lovely and fabulous crafty friends.
It took another month to get up the nerve to bind it.
Again, expert sewing friends to the rescue! 

The blanket is finished just 36 hours before Hannah leaves on her trip.  That's pretty good for me.
I still say there is nothing more productive than the last minute :)
(A very heartfelt "thank you" to Jennifer Thomas and Fawn Schmidt for all their help and cheerleading during this project!)
Please don't look too carefully at the finished product.
There are several imperfections.  Just like me.
Hannah will always know her (im)perfect quilt came from her (im)perfect mom.
She's happy and I'm happy.

Love you, Hannah!
Enjoy your trip and feel lots of love from mommy when you cuddle up at night.


Amy said...

I think it turned out perfect!! Now that's 2 quilts you need to make me someday. :)

Anonymous said...

It looks great. I too love the feel of that fabric.


Jennifer said...

It is beautiful - imperfections is what makes it unique and special and made with lots of love. Hannah will always cherish that blanket. Something you did special for her. Kassade and Keyton still like using their blankets I have made for them so many years ago.

Any time you need help just let me know. I am glad to help in whatever way I can - I don't know it all but know a little something always learning more.