Saturday, June 4, 2011

happy birthday eli

My one and only son turned 12 this week (June 2nd).
I can't believe it!
I have said this before - his birth turned me upside down AND right side up.
My life has never been the same and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Eli is my "free spirit, very comfortable in his own skin" kid.
He's smarter than many grown-ups I know.
He's funnier than most comedians.
He's pretty ornery, many times pushing the line to naughty.
And he would give most any Bible scholar a run for his money.
Oh yeah, he's pretty cute too.
I'm pretty proud to be his mama :)

I have always loved this photo of Eli taken on his 4th birthday.  It captures my boy - CUTE, CUTE, CUTE, sweet, ornery, farm boy, Mr. Debonaire.

Eli spent most of his day with his other mother, Gina (thank you, Gina!!).  She is so very, very good to him.  They spent the afternoon on a farm and Eli was heard to say "this is my best birthday ever!"  That makes me happy:)

We had pizza and Twisted Cow for dinner.  Aren't these besties just adorable?!

Happy birthday Eli!  I love you and I love being your mom.


Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Eli! :)

rentz said...

Finally catching up on blogs. Cute picture of our boys. So glad you let us hog him on his birthday. We had so much fun! I'll post pics of our day soon...I hope! :)