Wednesday, June 1, 2011


School's out. 
Memorial Day has come and gone. 
You know what that means!  It's ...

Sunshine, swimsuits and sandals.  Need I say more?
Umpires at lots and lots of games.  Lovin me some baseball!
Miles and miles of walking
Masters - ok, I'm not really ready for the Masters but it's fun to pretend
Eli's birthday - I'm so glad to have a baby with a summer birthday!
Route 44 cherry diet coke, most delicious during happy hour :)
Toe rings + painted toenails + flip flops = happy feet! 
Ice cream & hot fudge - the calories surely don't count if we walk to get it
Many, many simple pleasures
Eating outside


Amy said...

Love this!

Melanie Little said...

Made me smile!

keepingthemistakes said...

Love it too!! And the pink ball is awesome!