Friday, January 7, 2011

Abi's Birthday Dinner

Abi invited her BFF, Sophie, to join us for her birthday dinner at the Olive Garden in Wichita.  It was so much fun to experience the restaurant through their eyes.  They loved drinking their sodas from the wine glasses!  I can't tell you how many times we refilled their glasses and how many toasts they made.  They also loved the bathroom.  We made 3 trips to the ladies' room during dinner.  I had no idea automatic flushers and fancy faucets on the sinks would be such a huge hit!  They didn't eat much of their dinner after devouring the breadsticks and drinking so much soda.  It was a fine dining experience!
After dinner, we went bowling and go-cart racing.  Finding bowling shoes for these girls was a little like finding the right princess for the glass slipper.  We tried on a lot of shoes before we found the perfect fit.  Finding the right bowling ball was much easier - Sophie spotted the pink balls behind the counter right away.  Bowling with these girls was a little like bowling with a cheerleading team.  They were so quick to cheer one another on and encourage each other.  We were all pretty sad when the evening had to come to an end.  Matter of fact, we had to drown our tears in some Cold Stone ice cream on the way home :)


Amy said...

Such sweet girls! I love that they were cheering for each other! :)

Danielle S. Boese said...

Me too! And I love it that they find joy in the little things of life.