Monday, January 10, 2011

new purse

I love new purses and new shoes! The smell of leather makes my palms sweat and my mouth water. My daughters have inherited this affinity for the finer things of life. We have lots of fun with it!

Shopping for a new purse is a lot like shopping for a new bra. It's such a personal thing and you're going to have to live with it for a while. I believe you should try on a purse and carry it around for a while. Does it make you look fat? Is it too big? too small?

I have to admit, before children, I would replace my purse often and spend absurd amounts of money on a new purse. It probably wasn't the wisest way to spend my money but I sure enjoyed it.

I've had this poor old yellow leather Sak for a year and a half. I absolutely loved this purse and carried it for a long time. It was so soft but terribly disorganized. You can see the straps are discolored from carrying it too long. It was just too hard to give it up. I spent a long time and a lot of money searching for just the perfect purse when I bought this one.

I did something last week that I've never done before. I got an amazon gift card for Christmas and found a great sale on a zebra print purse. It was marked down from $85 to $13!! I was so excited! I figured at that price it didn't matter if I didn't like it when I got it. It arrived in the mail on Friday and I was so excited to dump out my old purse and re-organize it into my new handbag. 

I couldn't believe the things that dumped out of my old bag.  It was disgusting and disturbing.  I kept only the necessities and organized them beautifully in my new purse.  I love it!!!


Danielle said...

I previously posted this but a very wise friend noticed that one of my pics revealed a lot of personal info. I had to delete the post because I couldn't figure out how to delete just the pic. This is the revised version.

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

That is so cute!!