Sunday, January 16, 2011


My kids come from a long line of WSU Shockers.
My parents and step-dad are all WSU alums.
I am a WSU alum.
I'm pretty sure my kids don't have a choice about bleeding black and gold.

Today is Hannah's 13th birthday.
She chose to spend her birthday at a Lady Shox basketball game with our family and my mom and step-dad.
(It's not surprising she loves basketball.  I labored through a basketball game the night before she was born.  We had to leave the game mid-3rd quarter because it was too hard to time the contractions with all the whistles and buzzers.)

We always show our team spirit.
We love our Shocker accessories!  Notice the necklace from The Rusted Chain.  (It's my favorite Christmas present from me to me during Beki's 25% off sale.)

Today's game was a blowout during the first half but the second half was intense.  The Redbirds made a major comeback and tied the game.
We won but it went down to the last second.
Hannah got her basketball autographed after the game.
She said it's the best birthday ever!
Happy birthday from one Shocker to another!

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