Friday, January 14, 2011

mt. centennial

Abi begged and pleaded with her daddy every single day this week to take her sledding on "the hill".  Unfortunately for Abi, Daddy has to work outside in the snow all day and wasn't very excited about playing in it once he got home.  But who can say "no" to this sweet little face?  Not Daddy!  He finally conceded to her Thursday afternoon and took her out to the hill at Centennial Park.  Oh my!  We have quite the adventuresome snow princess.

I loved watching them climb the hill together.  The both got a great workout!

He's a great daddy!  and she's very in love with her hero :)

"This was a great idea at home but I'm not so sure I want to go down the hill now that I'm here."

"Oh, the wind and snow in my face is the best!  Let's do it again and again!"

"Two thumbs up!"

Tired Daddy and Happy Snow Princess

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