Sunday, January 30, 2011

the castle

I believe everyone should feel like the most special person in the whole least one day a year.  That's why we have birthdays.
Everyone should be celebrated.
My best friend and I started a fun tradition two years ago.  Her birthday is in January.  We started celebrating her birth by spending time away from all the hustle and bustle of our lives. 
This was our third year to spend the night at a bed and breakfast.  We spent the last two celebrations at a bed and breakfast in Lindsborg, Kansas.  We love the quiet quaintness of the small town and beautiful accomodations.
This year, Annie wanted to visit The Castle Inn Riverside in Wichita.  We have spent time there with our husbands but never just the two of us.  (I totally forgot to take a picture of the outside of The Castle.  This is one borrowed from their website.  No wedding while we were there.)

We stayed in the Mary, Queen of Scots room.   Annie loved the princess phone!

We booked our room weeks in advance.  We had no idea it would be a beautiful 70 degrees!  We opted not to use the gorgeous fireplace since it was so warm.  Instead...

we spent our afternoon and early evening enjoying the views from our balconies.  We had a small private balcony and a large "shared" balcony.  Fortunately for us, no one stayed in the room that shared the balcony so we had the whole large balcony to ourselves.  The Little Arkansas River runs in front of The Castle so we could watch the ducks and kayaking.

A beautiful sunset.
The carriage house.

Wine and hors d'euvres in the dining room.  We enjoyed desserts later in the evening.
We took off on a great adventure up through the turret to the roof of the castle.  It was such a cool, clear, crisp evening.  A moment that will forever be synged in my memory.

Then we retired to our room to enjoy the jacuzzi.  It was so warm, bubbly and relaxing.  It's funny how long two girls can talk when sitting in bubbles.

We slept so good in our comfy, king size bed.

We woke up Saturday morning so refreshed.
Stuffed french toast with fruit, poached eggs, sausage, fresh juice and coffee for breakfast in the solarium.
A little more shopping, lunch at Olive Garden and then back to reality...until next year! 
If I could celebrate Annie's life every day of the year, I would totally do it.

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