Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I've learned to be thankful for the little things.
We experienced a miracle at our house this evening.  An honest-to-goodness bonafide miracle!

Eli isn't very fond of his baby sister during this phase of his life.  Matter of fact, he wrote a newspaper article about their relationship for school this year.  His teacher was afraid we would be offended when we read it.
He was brutally honest about his feelings toward sweet Abi.
It made me laugh...and cry.
Abi wants to impress Eli and Eli would like to shove her under the next bus.  I'm not even kidding.

Anyway, back to our little miracle.
Abi wanted to watch a movie tonight but the rest of us wanted to catch American Idol.
Eli offered to watch a movie with her!  He genuinely offered, all by himself.
Yep, that's more rare than a foot of snow in July in Kansas.

I love that kid.  Well, actually, I love both those kids.
When Eli isn't trying to impress his friends, he has a sweet and tender heart.
He's a great little snuggler and it wouldn't surprise me to find my babies snuggled up together by the end of the movie.
Someday, they'll be great friends and it will break his heart he wrote something so harsh about his sweet baby sister. 
Until then, I'm going to hang on to this little miracle.  It gives me hope.


Amy said...

"Abi wants to impress Eli and Eli would like to shove her under the next bus. I'm not even kidding."

This totally made me laugh out loud!

rentz said...

Way to go, Eli! I love those moments when my kids are kind to each other. Here's to hoping it happens more and more as they get older!