Tuesday, May 10, 2011

mother's day

I love being a mommy.
Mother's Day is such a great holiday.  It's a day to celebrate one of the most wonderful of God's creations - moms.
Our Mother's Day looked a little different this year.  Bless my romantic husband's sweet little soul.  In the past, he has always wanted to find something romantic for the two of us to do for Mother's Day.  And I would usually squelch it.  That's just not how I want to celebrate being a mom.  I want to celebrate with the little people who make me a mom.
He totally got it this year!

We had a long and relaxing lunch with my mom and sister and our families.  The cousins loved playing together which made the grown-ups most happy :)

Once it cooled down just a little, the five of us played 9 holes of golf.  Mitch knew I would be so happy on the golf course in the sun and breeze as a family.  It wasn't Terradyne but it was a totally fun family time.

The only thing I really, really wanted for Mother's Day was a trip to the Twisted Cow for frozen yogurt.  I budgeted it into my diet for the day and enjoyed quite an indulgence.  The Twisted Cow is a fabulous new serve-yourself, weigh-n-pay frozen yogurt extravaganza.  They are getting ready to put a cow on the roof and they're having a contest to name her.  I'm so pleased they're building a monument to honor me and all my visits and (quite a few) dollars already spent eating this pure deliciousness.  I think they should name her Dani Sue...or Dani Moo.  Either is fine with me :)

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knittedintheheart said...

Glad you had a fun day! Awesome photo of you and your little people :)