Friday, September 9, 2011

love lives here

The month of August, 2011 is pretty much a blur to me.
My step daddy spent 4 weeks in 4 different hospitals (from Newton to Wichita to Kansas City).  I spent time with him in each hospital.  And I got to have my alone time with him at home.
School started.
Discovery Channel came for a visit.  I squeezed an interview in with them during a lunch hour.
We celebrated my mommy's birthday.
We had highs and lows.  Really high highs and really low lows.
I missed my girl time at Applebee's.
But I don't have any regrets.

Here's one of my favorite new finds from Amy D...
This is my life.  Love lives here.

I've been blessed to spend the last 2 days at home.  I've decided I could be a stay at home mom after all.  Especially when my kids are at school.  Especially when my mom is off too and we can hang out together all day.  Especially when we have leftovers from Melissa Bartel so I don't have to cook.

I've decided I really like Rachael Ray.  and Pinterest.  I think I've gone to the dark side.  Here's my favorite Pinterest find this morning (I stole it from Beki Hastings and Amy Jones)...


Melissa B. said...

you are so my hero - and it's just food - love your love lives here and your pinterest quote - so glad you and your mom can take some time together - you are both amazing women -

rentz said...

I love that picture/sign from Amy. Perfect! Glad you are enjoying your days off. Sounds like they are a gift from the LORD.

Beki said...

My heart has been broken for you lately. You have the most beautiful spirit of anyone I've ever met.

I LOOOVE that sign. Love.

And yeah... pinterest. *sigh*


Amy said...

I need to actually print out that sign and hang it somewhere. Love it. And I love you. :)

Chad and Jody said...

I agree with Beki- you are one of the most kindest, loveliest woman I know. You're moms a lucky girl to spend all that time with you.

knittedintheheart said...

Thanks for being real.