Tuesday, September 13, 2011

mother of the year

Once again, I'm in the running for Mother of the Year. 
I'm pretty sure my tiara and sash are on their way. 
Probably just lost in the mail right now.

School hasn't been in session for a month yet.
We were assigned to provide treats for Abi's class all of last week.  I remembered...last night.  Just a week late - ugh!  I sure hope none of the kids starved.

Abi's teacher handed me a note this morning.  Yep, she was already $2.00 in the hole in her lunch account.  Jeesh!

And then the deal maker.
I have another daughter who shall remain nameless.  She is an oldest, responsible kid like her mom.
She's also a little on the emotional, hormonal side.  Not at all like her mom :)
She came home from school sick yesterday afternoon.  She was miserable.  I totally get it.

She has been struggling with her math homework the last couple of weeks.
I have tried to help her but she oftentimes ends up frustrated or in tears. 
This may or may not have happened to her mom, almost every night of her growing up years. 
Fortunately for both my nameless daughter and me, my dad taught high school math for more than 30 years and is a pretty patient guy.

Last night was an especially rough night for the math homework and a sick kiddo. 
My sweet, super-mom friend, Amy, happened to be with me when I took a call from said sick kiddo.  She was exceptionally whiney.  Amy will totally vouch for me - I wasn't TOO mean.
Since I was so patient and caring with my sick daughter, she decided to run away.  She packed her backpack and off she went...to the library.  That's how we rock at our house.  We live on the edge.

I may or may not have tried to run away once when I was growing up.  My mother stood on the porch and hollered at me to come home to clean my room before running away.  True story - I turned around and went back home to clean my room.  And then changed my mind about running away.

Hannah decided to come back home after she returned her library book last night.
I knew she would be back.
I didn't really worry about her (too much).

So, there you have it.
I'm totally organized and very patient and caring.
I may not make Mother of the Year but I do have a daughter who still prefers sleepovers with Grandma or her favorite auntie over sleepovers with her friends.  She still confides in me.  And she'll still pose for a picture with me once in a while.

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Amy said...

Your honesty and realness is so refreshing. Only one of the many reasons I love having you for a friend. And I'm pretty sure you could never be mean. :)