Friday, September 30, 2011

surfin' USA

I try to get out and walk most everyday.
I LOVE to be outside, especially when it's warm.
I've seen some interesting things on my walks but this may be the most interesting.
Yep, that's a surf board.
Yep, we're a land locked town in a land locked state.
Not quite sure what he was doing with his surf board and 2 newspaper carrier bags.
I followed this guy about 6-8 blocks from our house to the homeless shelter.
He's probably wondering about me too.
He never threw a newspaper so I'm not sure what's in the bags.
Not sure what he's going to do with the surf board.
Beach party at the homeless shelter tonight?
A fun twist on ironing?
I might enjoy ironing with a board like that :)

Things that make you go hmmmm....

1 comment:

Kim's 52 week quest said...

You make me laugh! The pastor's wife stalking a poor homeless guy who is hoping to go surfing while keep his belongings safe and dry in his Kansan bags......